UConn Faces Potentially Devastating Budget Cuts

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UConn Faces Potentially Devastating Budget Cuts

The budget approved last week by the General Assembly would reduce the state appropriation to the University of Connecticut by just shy of 30 percent from where it currently stands, meaning campuses would close, financial aid would be slashed, and thousands of jobs in the private economy would be lost. Although the governor has promised to veto the bill that would cut more than $300M from UConn and UConn Health, the range of possible outcomes for the ultimate state budget is now much wider than expected.


Alumni and friends of the University who would like to take action can share their views with their elected representatives as citizens and taxpayers in the state of Connecticut. If you enter your address, your state senators and state representatives and their contact information can be found on the Connecticut State Legislature website.
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budget cuts would be bad Since 2010 the state has reduced its appropriation to UConn by $142 million, a deficit that has been made up for in tuition and fee increases, layoffs, pay freezes, and other cuts. Although UConn understands it has to share in the further sacrifices being made by all sectors of the state, absorbing a reduction more than twice that amount in only two years would be catastrophic, according to a University analysis. Herbst supported an earlier proposed budget that would have cut the University’s funding by $108 million over two years.